It is my goal to do all that I can to support children in our community that are in need, so I have taken the sport I love, swimming, and now use it to help others.


Stroke Out Cancer provides monetary support for 3 initiaties, The Jay Fund, Child Cancer Fund, and the Stroke Out Cancer Club allowing them to continue and spread initiatives that they have already started. As well as starting our own initiative with the club.


All the money donated to Stroke Out Cancer stays right here in Jacksonville, Florida, and supports children and families near us that are battling cancer.


My name is Michael Bucher, the 18-year old son of Joe and Lisa Bucher. I am a recent Graduate of Providence High School in Jacksonville, FL.



I'm sure many of you know my Dad, Joe, but I'm not sure all of you know his story. About six years ago my father found out he had kidney cancer. He had part of his right kidney removed at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. Our family was originally told the surgery was a success and that they had removed all the cancer, but about a year later we discovered that was not the case. During a follow-up CT Scan, we discovered that the cancer had resurfaced and had actually spread to his lungs. He was told he had Stage 4 cancer. Worst of all, the doctors at MD Anderson told him there was No Cure for his cancer. My Dad of course decided to get a 2nd, then a 3rd, then a 4th opinion. Unfortunately, he received the same bad news from each of these other hospitals that there was no treatment available for his cancer. The general consensus was that he had 2-4 years to live and was told to get his affairs in order. My Dad, who has never been the type of person who would give up, decided that diagnosis was not going to work for him. During the last four years he researched, followed, and funded his own treatment plan with the help of a clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. Thanks to the help from his doctors and the medication he is currently on, his cancer has significantly shrunk and continues to do so. Most of what he was doing 3-4 years ago was frowned upon by the modern medical community. However, his treatment plan is becoming more common now in traditional medicine hospitals and my Dad hopes that one day everyone adopts it.


More recently, I have also seen the effects of cancer in my family when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was luckily caught in the early stages, and she is now cancer-free. But that does not take away from the fact that the word cancer changes your entire life. It changes how you look at life, it changes how people look at you, and it changes your family and their outlooks as well. Going through cancer a second time doesn't make it any easier, and even though I'm not the one who actually has it, It is incredibly difficult to deal with, and I can't imagine being a young child dealing with it myself.


I have seen how cancer affects a mature adult, and I know that the pain and stress it causes a child and their families is so much worse. The one thing that hurts me the most is seeing kids affected by Cancer. It is so upsetting to look at the facts about how many children suffer every day from cancer. Every single day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer; and out of those 43, 5 will not survive. The average age of a child cancer diagnosis is 6 years old. After seeing these statistics, it really makes me want to make a difference, however small that difference is.


Over the past 4 years as a member of the Varsity swim team at Providence, I have decided to do all I can to help out these kids. I have decided to dedicate the rest of my years on the swim team and continue Stroke out Cancer. I have selected 3 charitable organizations which I plan on contributing 100% of the money I raise. The 3 charities I have chosen are The Child Cancer Fund, The Stroke Out cancer Club (A division of Stroke Out Cancer), and the Jay Fund, and plan on continuing to donate to these organizations. I selected these 3 organizations because they are local charities helping children in need suffering from cancer. You can read more about each of these organizations in the "Charities" tab. Stroke Out Cancer is a 501(c)3 Tax exempt organization, making all donations tax exempt. I will provide a tax acknowledgment letter to all donations totaling over $20.